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Jeff and Jami Hefner, Children's Church Pastors                                               Amber Thorpe  , Faith Toddlers Nursery  

Working Together as A Body

Our Boys and Girls are in an intense program on Sunday and Wednesdays called "Working Together As A Body." They are encouraged to attend church regularly, bring their Bibles to church, and to bring an offering to give as a gift to God. 

As they work, together, students can earn periodic rewards for the entire group in the form of parties. On Wednesday nights, the children can earn individual incentives as they meet group goals. Our department is completely self-funded by the offerings the children bring to class. 

Snack and Craft Supplies - Faith Kids classes could use your help. We are in need of snacks and craft supplies for our Sunday and Wednesday classes. Current needs include Goldfish crackers, animal crackers, kool-aid mixes (sugar included), cookies, washable markers, sippy cups, and student scissors. See Amber Thorpe or Jami Hefner for more information.