Prayer Ministry Opportunities

Call Senior Thorpe for details: 827-7256

What is "Hour of Power"?

The "Hour of Power" is a church-wide prayer focus that basically asks each attendee to pledge to pray at least one hour each week (ten minutes each day) for the "Hour of Power" Prayer Focus designated for that particular month. In addition, this group prays for our church, our Pastors and staff, the needs of our congregation and friends that come in prayer requests. They pray for our community, nation, missionaries, and our church leaders. Pray for Israel. Pray for our Military. Pray for those ill and in need of healing. 

Prayer Cloths

Prayer Cloths are available any time you need them for a personal need, or send to a loved one. See an usher or one of our Pastors. 

Prayer Chain

FCWC has a 24-hour Prayer Chain. To activate our FCWC Prayer Chain, phone 827-7256, 827-7258, or 971-1781. The Prayer Chain is notified by text, Facebook, Instagram and/or phone. Within minutes our Prayer Chain will be bombarding Heaven with your needs. Anyone who desired to be a part of the Prayer Chain, see June Kelly. Set up your cell phone for text messages, or join Facebook or Yahoo. Phone calls do take more time, so we will state the need and will move on to other callers. 

Church Alter Benches

FCWC is blessed with alter benches, but they are not in our sanctuary simply to add to the church as a beautiful furnishing. Our church alters are always open for prayer - before church, during church, and after church.

Prayer Requests

Prayer requests may be given orally at prayer time. Prayer requests cards for Pastor may be completed and placed in the offering bag if you prefer.